We source locally in New York

From farmers we know and trust


We use whole, in season fruit

Because my grandma didn't use fruit juice either

We craft just as the farmer picked it

Never any additives, colors, or preservatives

Elderflower 2021 - 375ml small.jpg

In late spring, we make a trip up to one of our favorite and one of the more picturesque farms in the Hudson Valley. There we begin hand selecting the elderflower blossoms at peak bloom and fragrance. Just a short drive later, naturally on the same day, we begin crafting the flowers into one of our most unique and aromatic liqueurs that combines a delicate body with a long, memorable finish. A match made in heaven with Champagne or Prosecco, our newest liqueur is sure to please the most demanding of connoisseurs to those who just want to enjoy a distinctive cocktail. 
Alc. by volume: 18%
Try it with: Prosecco, Gin, Vodka
Rhubarb 375ml front.jpg
Did you know that after planting, it takes three years before Rhubarb begins yielding a typical harvest? It's probably New York's most overlooked fruit* but one of Heimat New York's most beloved. It's smooth, elegant, and somehow sublime - and once you've had your first Rhubarb liqueur from us, you'll understand what we mean. We can't think of a better way to start the season.
93 Points
USASR_GoldMedal_2020 (1).png
Alc. by volume: 20%
Try it with: Gin, Tonic, Seltzer
*Rhubarb is actually a vegetable, but you'd never know it if you tried our liqueur!
White Peach 375ml front.jpg
White Peach
Few know that there are more than 300 varieties of peaches still grown in the US. Of the several varieties in New York (most can't stand our winters!) we chose white peach for how well the aroma and taste blends together. This year's peaches were oohhh so delicious that it felt like the kids were eating them up just about as fast we could unpack them. Our white peach creates a classic bellini, but allows you to be as creative as you want to be with all kinds of spirits and cocktails.
Alc. by volume: 17%
Try it with: Prosecco, Cognac, Tequila
Blackberry 375ml - Clean.jpg
One could say this is where it all began - the liqueur that inspired Heimat New York dates back to the blackberries that grew abundantly in the garden of the founder's Oma. Fortunately we were able to source some blackberries the past two years after the crop at the farm we were working with our first year was completely wiped out by a powerful storm in late spring. These blackberries are from the Hudson Valley, and it's great to work with a farmer who understands exactly what we need. This partner leaves the blackberries on the vine a short time longer to allow for an extra bit of sweetness. We're excited to bring you our most "traditional" liqueur.
 Alc. by volume:  17%
Try it with: Whiskey, Gin, Rum
Raspberry 375ml front.png
Raspberries are without a doubt the most delicate fruit that we deal with. Sensitive to temperature, packaging, and any type of handling, we take great pains to ensure our raspberries stay fresh before we begin crafting our liqueurs. So after we pick them up near the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York, we hurry back as fast as we can and start crafting the same day. Our raspberry liqueur is renowned for the its wonderful aroma and versatility with all kinds of cocktails.
Alc. by volume:18%
92 Points
USASR_GoldMedal_2020 (1).png
Try it with: Gin, Tonic, Sangria
Nectarine was never really on our radar until one year one of our partner farmers convinced us to try it. His father was the very first in the Hudson Valley to plant nectarines in the 1960s and the farm's nectarines have been highly sought after ever since. They are truly one of a kind and as soon as we tried them, given the amazing aroma and juicy profile, we knew it would make a very special liqueur. Fruity and bright on the palate with a lush body, almost hints of apricot, and a soft, lingering finish that will have you smacking your lips for more. 
Alc. by volume:19%
Try it with: Gin, Bourbon, Vodka
- Highest rating in the Liqueur category
One of the few fruits native to North America, cranberries grow mostly in the northern states and we are lucky to have several farms in New York. We head upstate just as the leaves begin to turn color and the farmers are busy working in the flooded bogs (like our video below!). Our cranberry liqueur is as versatile around the holidays as it is during the summer months. Trust us, if you've ever tried our cranberry liqueur with a cold hard cider on a hot summer day you'll know what we're talking about. Our cranberry liqueur is particularly noted for the balance between tart and sweet. 
Alc. by volume:16%
Try it with: Cider, Seltzer, Triple Sec
USA Spirit Ratings - Silver Medal.png
85 Points
Cranberry 375ml front.png
bosc pear 2020.png
Bosc Pear
Just like Heimat New York, Bosc pear traces its roots back to Europe and is picked in Germany at the same time as here. It's also the last fruit of the season for us and from one of our favorite farmers, no less. Bosc pear is not the typical pear that you find in the supermarket, and you can trust us, we've tried all varieties. Rather, Bosc is the perfect pear that when we apply a few techniques from my Oma, it reveals a wonderful aroma and a complex, lingering, and silky smooth finish. 
Alc. by volume: 17%
Try it with: Whiskey, White Wine, Brandy
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