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- New Limited Release -

Barrel Finished Bosc Pear


Heimat NY is proud to introduce its latest limited edition series of barrel finished liqueurs - Bosc Pear. Crafted in small batches, bosc pears are harvested in Hudson Valley at peak ripeness from a local family farm. The finished liqueur is then aged in peated bourbon barrels from Brooklyn-based Kings County Distillery for 13 months. The liqueur is elegantly rich with a deep pear flavor, notes of oak and vanilla, with a delicate smoky finish. The barrel aged series was developed as part of Heimat New York’s continual experimentation with new recipes and techniques, while staying true to the character of the individual fruit or flower. The liqueur is best enjoyed on the rocks, but equally as enjoyable in a Manhattan or your favorite pear cocktail.


Our first barrel finished series was released in 2021. Cranberry and Pear liqueurs were aged in used bourbon and rye barrels from Van Brundt Distillery in Brooklyn.

Barrel Planks
Barrel Aged Bosc Pear Liqueur

Available at:

Brooklyn Wine Exchange
138 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

and other selected retailers

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