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Black Currant Liqueur Bottle


As with most of our liqueurs, there’s an authentic backstory with Black Currant before our founder Ute ever came to New York. In Europe, currants (both black and red) are commonly found in desserts, jams, syrups, and of course juices. Having grown up with currants being an everyday kind of fruit, Ute was surprised that currants are relatively unknown and underutilized in the US. Then one day she was introduced to the owner of Current C, Greg Quinn, and he explained how in 2003 he helped overturn the 100-year old ban on growing currants in the state. Ute's love of Black Currants was rekindled, and she spent the next 12 months perfecting the ideal technique to offer you a liqueur that brings out the incredible richness of this amazing fruit. 

Alc. by volume: 21%

Try it with: Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Wine

Spiked Seltzer Cocktail with Black Currant Liqueur

Spiked Seltzer

1 - 2oz Heimat Black Currant

Seltzer Water

Fill long drink glass with several ice cubes and add the Black Currant liqueur. Top with Soda water and slice of lime.

Kir Royal Cocktail with Black Currant Liqueur

Kir Royal

1oz Heimat Black Currant

4oz Prosecco or Champagne

Pour liqueur into champagne glass and top with your choice of champagne or prosecco.


El Diablo

0.5oz Heimat Black Currant

1.5oz Tequila Reposado

0.5oz Fresh Lime Juice

3oz Ginger Beer

Fill a shaker with ice cubes and add Tequila, Liqueur and Lime juice. Shake and strain into a lowball glass filled with ice and top with Ginger beer.



8oz Lager or Pilsner
Dry Cider

0.5oz Heimat Black Currant

Pour Lager (or Pilsner) in a pint glass, slowly add Cider and top with the liqueur. Delicious!


1oz Heimat Black Currant

4oz Dry white wine

Pour liqueur and chilled white wine in a wine glass and add a lice a slice of lemon.


French Martini

0.5oz Heimat Black Currant

2oz Vodka

1oz Pineapple juice

Combine all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake until chilled and pour into chilled martini glass.


Black Currant Ranch Water

One bottle of Top Chico
2oz Tequila
0.75oz Heimat New York Black Currant
Quarter of Lime

Drink a few ounces of your Top Chico and add Tequila, Heimat NY Black Currant and quarter of lime. Enjoy!

Gin & Tonic

1oz Heimat Black Currant

1oz Vodka

Add tonic to taste


KIR upstate

1oz Heimat Black Currant

3oz Hard Cider

Pour chilled cider into glass and top with liqueur. 



1oz Heimat Black Currant

5oz Red Wine

Pour the crème de cassis into a red wine glass filled with ice. Top with red wine. Serve and enjoy.


Fall Spritz

1oz Heimat Black Currant

0.5oz Pimm's

0.5oz Cocchi Rosso
1 Dash Citric Acid

Top with Prosecco

Add all ingredients into glass filled with Ice, top with Prosecco and a splash of Soda.


Across the Pond

0.5oz Campari

0.5oz Heimat Black Currant
0.75oz Pimm's No. 1
2oz Prosecco

Add all ingredients into a glass filled with Ice, top with Prosecco and a splash of Soda. garnish with a lemon twist. 

Vermouth Cassis

2oz Dry Vermouth 
1oz Heimat Black Currant 

Top with seltzer and add a lemon twist or fresh mint as a garnish. 

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