The Rhubin


2oz Heimat New York Rhubarb

1oz Gin

1oz lemon juice

2-4oz Champagne or Soda water


Combine Liqueur, Gin and Lemon Juice. Shake with ice until cold. Fill into two glasses and top with Soda Water or Champagne

New York Peach Bellini


1oz Heimat New York White Peach

4oz Champagne / Prosecco

Pour liqueur into champagne glass and top with your choice of champagne or prosecco



2 oz Heimat New York Raspberry

Tonic water

Lime juice and lime zest


Pour liqueur into a long drink glass with a spritz of lime juice and some lime zest. Add ice and top with tonic water



1oz Heimat New York Cranberry

1oz Gin

0.75oz Sweet vermouth

Mix all ingredients together with an ice cube and stir until chilled. Add 1-2 dashes of bitters if preferred 


1.5oz Rye whiskey

0.5oz Heimat New York Bosc Pear

0.5oz Sweet vermouth

2 dashes of bitters


Combine all ingredients into a shaker and shake until chilled. Strain over an ice-filled rocks glass and garnish with a lemon or orange